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China and singapore

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China Parcel Declaration Form

$ 220/cbm
  • Excluding Tax and Permit Charges

Singapore Parcel Declaration Form

$ 150/cbm
  • Excluding Tax and Permit Charges

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Here's most of your questions answered

For Singapore Shipping takes around 2-3 weeks.
For China Shipping takes around one month+

We will do it for you, you will just have to fill in our declaration form accurately. Once your parcel arrived, we will notify you of the total amount including all relevant charges

Once item arrived, we will notify you for pick up, if delivery is needed you can book our delivery service.

There are restrictions to what items you are able to bring into Brunei, Here are just some of the things that are listed in the website but we could not bring to Brunei
-Toy Water Guns
-Any Drug related items (medicine, etc)
-Liquid items
-Sexual Items
-Living animals/plants/seeds
-Weapons (Swords, batons, etc)
-Gambling items
-Drones with Camera 
-ATV, or any on road vehicles
-Books/news/media related items
-Religious items
-Lipsticks, facial creams, toners
-All edible foods
-Mobile phone/Tablets/Walkie talkies
-Any sort of Tyres
-Any sort of Bluetooth/Wireless items
-Any sort of powders
-Face Masks

If unsure please ask us first before sending your item

No, we try our best to handle parcels with care, but we cant provide this service for now. Make sure to Declare your parcels accurately, as we will not be liable for any damages or lost of parcel from shipping. 

shipping terms

What is CBM?

Cubic meter or CBM is a measurement of volume of a shipment. It determines how much space your parcel will take up on a container, which in turn will decide how much it will cost to ship. 

how will i know the shipping cost?

We wont know the Final shipping cost until item has arrived our Brunei office. Tax and any relevant charges may incur. 

how is shipping fee calculated?

Length x Width x Height = CBM
CBM x price = Shipping Fee
please note this is to be used as reference only, and not the actual shipping fee.  Calculations may be different, expect slightly higher CBM in measurements. Once item arrived, we will inform you of the final total including tax and any charges (if any). 


Example If your package is 1.2m x 0.4m x 0.6m Total Cbm would be around 0.3 0.3 x 190 (China shipping) = $57 + tax and permit charges (if any).

How it Works?

Weekly Cut Off - Tuesday. Weekly Sail - Saturday

Step 1

Shop from your suppliers from China/Singapore and use our Warehouse Address which we will provide

Step 2

Once you have purchased from the supplier, Get the Tracking Code from each supplier and Declare the items to us by sending us the declaration form which we will provide. We may also require the invoice of your purchase as well

Step 3

Please make sure your supplier include your Customer Code and mark your customer code in every box/packaging so that we know the item is yours

Step 4

Fill in the Declaration form Accurately. Forms can be found in your accoutn dashboard.

Step 5

Once we received your items we will arrange for it to be shipped in the next available shipment. We don’t consolidate shipments at the moment, we will ship whatever we received first 

Step 6

Once item arrived we will notify you via whatsapp with the invoice and total amount to be paid. With all collection details as well. 


For any inquiries

Call 2580443 or Whatsapp 8348986


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