About Us

What We do?

We are a local Door to Door Delivery and Shipping company. We offer affordable rates for both our Delivery and Shipping Services. If you need anything delivered, picked up, or picked up and then delivered, just contact us. If you need shipping services from China and Singapore you can contact us as well!

Our Vision & Mission

We are a startup logistics company that provides a personalized and professional service to every customer. We believe in treating our customers with the utmost respect, knowing that we would want the same from our own company. We’re committed to making sure you have a seamless experience from pickup to drop-off.

Secure Protection

We always strive to deliver your items in a safe and timely manner.

Best Transportation

The vision statement of the company is to provide an unrivaled customer experience. The company wants to be seen as a company that can adapt and grow with the needs and wants of their customers and community.

Ontime Delivery

We will honor our obligations to you by fulfilling our promise to deliver your order on time. We will do so with the utmost care and professionalism, so you can rest assured that your package will arrive on time.


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